Koh Bon

Koh Bon Island


“Koh Bon Island” is also known as ‘Koh Talu Island.” The prominent characteristic of this underwater attraction is the Rock Bridge, which was created by seawater corrosion that created a bridge-liked structure under the water. The Rock Bridge serves as a habitat for many fishes. This beautiful undersea attraction will become an unforgettable memory for divers.

Prominent characteristics

The symbol of Koh Talu Island is the passage way created by seawater corrosion. Though this island doesn’t have any beach but it is a haven for deep sea divers because it has very beautiful and magnificent coral colonies deep under the water, a true heaven for divers. This diving site has a good reputation and is quite safe. It has clear water with so many coral colonies. Visitors may also meet with the Manta Rays, a very rare oceanic species.


“Koh Bon Island”, which is also known as “Koh Talu Island”, is another renowned diving attraction of Mu Koh Similan National Park of Phangnga Province. Visiting this island should be one of the trips that should never miss. Koh Bon Island is a safe diving site. It has clear water and many beautiful coral colonies. It also presents the opportunity for you to see the Manta Rays, as it is the natural habitat of Manta Rays. A prominent characteristic of Koh Bon Island is the Rock Bridge, an underwater structure created by seawater corrosion that turned a rock formation into the bridge-liked structure. Moreover, Koh Bon Island is accepted as the home of the big guy of the sea, where divers can meet and greet the Manta Rays quite easier than other attractions.

Additional information

Koh Bon Island is located between Mu Koh Similan Archipelago and Koh Tachai Island. It doesn’t have any beach and though the underwater attraction of this island may not as beautiful as other attractions. This island presents the opportunity for you to meet the Manta Rays. It is most suitable for deep sea diving.

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