Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai Island

Approximately 25 kilometers from Koh Bon Island is where Koh Tachai Island located, around half way between Koh Similan Island and Koh Surin Island. Sometime divers even dive from here to Richelieu Rock. It is a part of Mu Koh Similan National Park.

Diving site at Koh Tachai Island is one of the most beautiful and popular diving sites in Thailand. The underwater current is quite strong but the visibility remains at normal range, at around 20-30 meters. Though sometimes, the visibility can be reduced to less than 10 meters.

There are many diving sites around Koh Tachai Island. One of the most popular diving sites is Koh Tachai Plateau, at approximately 1 kilometer away on the Southeastern side of the island. There are mooring buoys and diving markers at the spot. It is also a good idea to follow the rope down under the water, because the current is quite strong, so you will not get be carried away from the diving spot.

Koh Tachai Plateau has a rock formation at the depth of approximately 13 meters to over 35 meters. These rocks are covered with various corals, such as sea fans, crinoids, and anemones. Divers can use the rock formation as a shield or an anchor against the current when the current is getting stronger. In term of the oceanic lives, there are many special species that live here. Besides the Manta Rays and the whale sharks, divers may also meet the Leopard sharks quite frequently, as well as other frequent residents of this site, such as the barracudas, trevally, and tuna, as well as the teira batfish the loves to hang onto the mooring line.

Many smaller species can be found at this site, especially when there aren’t many larger species around. For example, divers may foundthe sea slug and the frogfish; they are extremely small and you will have to be more perceptive to found them.

On the southern side of Koh Tachai Island, there are 2 underwater spires that attract many Manta Rays and other large fishes. The rock formation here is a habitat of many oceanic species that live inside the cracks, where we can swim around and admire them.

However, this diving site has a very strong current. Not many people choose to dive here.

On the eastern side of Koh Tachai Island, where a coral reef stretches along the white sand beach, is a good and easy diving spot, especially during the sunset or for the night dive.

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