Boon Soong

The ‘Boon Soong’ Shipwreck

Diving to the shipwreck of Khao Luk

Admiring various aquatic creatures at the ‘Boon Soong’ Shipwreck. This diving site has the shipwreck of a sunken mining ship called Boon Soong or Pae Boon Soong. It is a shipwreck of a 60 meters long mining ship that sunk in 1984, at approximately 12 nautical miles from Thap Lamu Port. The shipwreck is located at the depth of 20 meters below the surface and attracts several – incredible amount of – aquatic species to the area. Before Tsunami hit the island on December 26th, 2006, the shipwreck was quite intact. Nowadays, the shipwreck was split into 3 major parts; with plenty hard corals grow over the shipwreck, as well as many fishes that live around the shipwreck, such as the Groupers, the bigeye snappers, batfishes, barracudas, the Lionfishes, the White-eyed moray, and sea slugs.

There are abundant amount of stingrays and Leopard shark on the sandy surface of the seafloor. Lionfish and Scorpion fish can be found everywhere. Massive honeycomb moray eels live in the shipwreck as their own home. Even the shark whales visit this site during some periods of the year. The current here is quite subtle. The underwater visibility is quite okay, where it may get muddy sometimes. The shipwreck is also a good spot for night dive as well.

Another shipwreck of a smaller miner ship can be found in this area. The shipwreck is of a miner ship called Premchai, which was sunk in August 2011. The visibility in this site is muddy and poor. The visibility can be reduced to at the lowest of 5 meters. The deepest spot of this site is 22 meters. However, it is another magnificent shipwreck / diving site for divers who enjoy the murky dive and the poor visibility.

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